Bengal Culture In History

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We, the humankind has always been fascinated by change and development. People thrive for prosperity and change. Every civilization every country in this world throughout history has faced some changes. Either in good or bad ways. And Bengal being a huge part of world geography and history it has seen a lot of change throughout time. Bengal has been always known for its culture. The diversity of Bengal has amazed people of the world through history. It has come a long way. And we are going to find out how the culture of Bengal has evolved through time. And what is the current situation? The culture of India especially Bengal has seen a lot of change. It has always been known for being multi-religious and multi-cultured. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhist have always lived in harmony. And this multi-religious factor of Bengal has had an influential effect on its culture. This has transpired the language, the music, the books, the foods and almost everything. However, within all these dissimilarities there is a common thing. That is being a part of Bengal and its heritage. The culture of Bengal is a combination of some parts of South Asia, like Bangladesh and India. Bangladeshi culture was highly influenced by Muslim culture and the western part of India was influenced by Hindu traditions. Before talking about Bengali culture, let us focus on the definition of culture. What is culture? “Culture is the social behavior and norms found in human societies. Culture
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