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There is a subspecies of tigers and it is called the Bengal Tiger. They are mostly located in the Indian Subcontinent. However, there isn’t many Bengal Tigers in Bangladesh Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. They tend to live in a semi desert area and cool/wet grasslands. The Bengal Tiger is one of the more populated subspecies with less than 2,500 of them. Like many tigers they hunt their prey, but they eat medium sized prey. The South China Tiger is another important subspecies of tiger. People also call them the Chinese Tiger or the Xiamen Tiger. It is a smaller type of tiger. There is only 30 - 80 left, but that was in 1996. With that there are none in the wild. The last sighting of one in the wild was over 25 years ago. Since there is not a lot left they are one of the most endangered animals in the world. Tigers can get very big. On all fours they can be anywhere from 2.3 - 4 ft tall. While on their two hind legs they can…show more content…
Since, there is less than 4,000 in the wild. Also, there used to be 9 subspecies, but now there is only 6. The ones that are extinct are the Javan Tiger, Bali Tiger, and Caspian Tiger. People have found fossils of tigers that are over 2 million years ago. The ones that are still alive are the Sumatran Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Siberian Tiger, South China Tiger, Malayan Tiger, and Indochinese Tiger. There are many facts about the Malayan Tiger. One fact, is that they were considered the Indochinese Tiger. Due to the genetics the two species split. Another one would be that they are a smaller type of tiger. They are normally found in Malaysia, Thailand. However, there are only 250 - 340 left in the wild. Although, the Siberian Tiger is the main subspecies of tiger. They are the largest subspecies of tigers. With a tail that is 3 ft long. They are also the most populated. The Siberian Tiger is mostly located in Siberia, Russia. For every tiger they have different shape prints that are like

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