Mamima's Words In Freedom Song By Chaudhuri

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many names of the mother goddess, Durga. (56)
7. Mamima was telling about her marriage to Sandeep and also explained that Chhotomama had a “topor” which means headgear born by grooms on his head (35).
8. সন্দেশ (100). This stylish Bengali letter which means Sandesh, a famous Bengali sweet dish.
In Freedom Song, here are some of the Bengali words that have been used by Chaudhuri:
1. The novelist uses Bengali words wherever they are required and sometimes even translates them e.g. torpa (314) which means your legs.
2. Bipad Nashini (327) means the Destroyer of Distress.
3. lagna (427) means the auspicious moment.
4. Words as jhata, dhur, bhads, sari’s anchal, dhuti and kurta, dholak and so on are self explaining because of the context.
5. For
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A word can be spoken in different ways by different individuals, which can be seen in Chaudhuri’s novels also. There are many incidences where people have wrongly used or pronounced the words. He has used various languages according to his own comfort. He has used Bengali, Hindi in the novels which are in English.
In A Strange and Sublime Address, here are the examples in which different language is used or pronounced differently:
1. Chhaya another maid servant was like a part of the family and sometimes she would come in and say excitedly, “They’re showing a seenema in the field!” ‘Seenema! What seenema?’ Mamima would ask (13). Chhaya would then explain them about the cinema and would say that they are street singers or would take the names of some films made some forty years ago.
2. “Aaaah,” (sense of relief) (26) said Sandeep and Shonamama at the same time.
3. The tutor who use to teach Abhi also taught him English but the pronunciation of the teacher was very hilarious and would pronounce “is” as “ees” and “milk” as “meelk”:
When the English lessons began, the voice became stentorian and English sentences and words exploded like bombs in the air.
- What ees thee name of thee boy?
- Thee name of thee boy ees

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