Benito Mussolini Oil On Canvas Analysis

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Nationalism is extreme pride in one’s nationality or country and I think this is the most important contributing because each country wants to prove how they are better than one another so they are willing to go through any odds including war. For example in Fascist Germany, Adolf Hitler wanted to rebuild Germany which involved democracies that were weak, he incorporated communism which did not help the Nazis grow, and included the November Criminals who signed a treaty for Jews as being evil. He projected all the problems in Germany were caused by the Jews which started commotion. Benito Mussolini who was a dictator to Italy wanted to bring all glory back to Italy and rebuild the Holy Roman Empire. He suppressed rival parties, muzzled the…show more content…
His reason for it I think is to show the downside of war and negative effects that it brings. He is trying to explain why people choose war over making peace with others. His painting “Oil on Canvas” is a painting of a women who has a small painting on top with the women dancing with her husband and a picture of her alone by herself thinking of her husband. Which shows how in war you miss those that you love which is represented in the picture a mood of having a sense of loss. In the next painting from his collection “Fashion through the Decades” demonstrates a women who looks nervous which demonstrates a mood of feeling anxious of not knowing what is going to happen next. Salvador Dali I think captured the mood of inter- war because his mood seems to be along the sides of imagination and dreaming of things that one wants to remember. I feel that he captures this because he wants to be in the moment and cherishing everything that is important to us. For example in his painting “The Persistence of Memory” demonstrates how when one goes away to war we try to remember every great memory about them once they are gone so we don’t lose them. I feel the mood is happiness and sadness because when you think of something you like you smile but when the person is not there it makes you upset. Lastly, his painting of the “Burning Giraffe” which he paints in his picture the giraffes as being so long and up in the air so I feel that families in the war thought of this has their loved ones are so far away. It hurts them that they cannot see them which exemplifies a mood of hope of seeing them
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