My Life Was Never Easy, My Family

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My life was never easy, my family was messed up, my country, my village, and my state was slowly falling apart, I never got to see my childrens face for the last time, I fought for my country and still not respect and no change. It's like the more I tried the less I succeed. So i'm writing this on my deathbed, so others can know what I had to go through and hopefully learn something. One thing I want to do is thank my kids, charlotte and Daryl for being brave for me and Also my wife who helps me get through this everyday. This isn’t an easy life.
When I was first born in 1898 in Rome I was put into an adoption center in , I had never met my parents or knew why they gave me up. I had just got adopted a few years later at the age of two. But the thing is my family didn’t really want a kid, they just wanted someone to help them clean and keep their house in tacked ( chuckles ) so it
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In the next two weeks or so we found out who won the election...Benito Mussolini. The worst part about Benito being the Italian General was that he was trying to transform Italy into a Fascist Economy and no one Italy was gonna have that so there were a bunch of Italians running around Italy and protesting. After everything died down with the general situation I had finally proposed to corsel and we decided since we had enough money that we should move a little bit more south. April 14, 1933 corsel was pregnant with our first child Daryl Paskinski IV. Him and Corsel were inseparable until little charlotte came along a year apart from Daryl on July 2, 1934. Five years later Daryl was five and Charlotte was four. At this time The Senussi Resistance was conquered by Italians and that made the general happy and he backed down on trying to turn Italy into a Fascist
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