Benito Mussolini's Impact On Western Civilization

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Benito Mussolini made a huge impact on western civilization, one that would make the books. He not only did he become Italy’s Prime Minister but also the dictator. He also created the birth of fascism, which was a political movement. From having his own political movement he was also in the war and had a role in it. He also was involved in some economic projects. These projects helped with constructions and the government throughout Italy during the economic setbacks. In the end Mussolini was not well liked by many. Very few respected him and cared for him because of all the things that he did in his lifetime. Benito Mussolini was born in Italy on July 29th, 1883. It was hard to find employment in the area he lived in, so in 1902 Mussolini moved to Switzerland where he had become involved in socialist politics. He later returned to Italy in 1904 and worked as a journalist in the socialist press. His support for Italy’s entry into World War I led to his break with socialism. He was next drafted into the Italian army in September of 1915. After being drafted into the Italian army, Mussolini organized a fascist movement in the city of Milan. It was a group of street fighters who all wore black shirts. They called themselves “Blackshirts” and they beat up socialists and communists. On March…show more content…
The crowds that attended these speeches given by Mussolini chanted back fascist slogans. Ones such as “II Duce is always right!” and “Believe, obey, fight!” “Totalitarianism” was a term coined by the opponents of Mussolini. His opponents did this to describe his quest to control not only the political system but also the also the economy, schools, police, courts, military, and much more. Mussolini ironically ended up liking this term and began to use it himself to persuade Italians to come together under his leadership for a rebirth of

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