Benjamin Banneker Declaration Of Independence Analysis

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Within Benjamin Banneker’s letter, he implements pathos in order to illustrate the unjust and hypocritical actions of Thomas Jefferson, in order to exhibit that Jefferson, of all people, should be understanding and ashamed of the fear and injustice which he is imposing. Banneker inflicts these emotions through allusions and flashbacks. The United States was once under the British control, leaving the United States feeling helpless, fearful, and impotent. During this time period, Thomas Jefferson, took part in writing the Declaration of Independence, a document which states the equality of men and the justification of freedom. Banneker alludes to the Declaration in the seventh paragraph to exhibit the hypocrisy which Jefferson demonstrates. “We hold these truths…show more content…
Guilt is a big motivator for many of people's actions because most people don’t want to offend anyone, especially if they want to uphold a certain reputation, like a man with political power. To his advantage, with an accusatory, critical, yet reverent tone, Banneker makes sure that Jefferson, a man with political power, understands the hypocritical actions of the nation and feels ashamed of the suffering which has gone on, hopefully enough to make a difference in the injustice which the United States has
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