Benjamin Button Gender

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Men and Women Are presented in very different ways in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Women in many cases are shown to be purely extensions of a man, in such the case of Elizabeth Abbot, whose purpose at the hotel was merely because her husband was there. Men, on the other hand, were portrayed as more capable then women for most jobs that promote masculinity, where the women had jobs such as working in a nursing home or being a stay at home mother.
Gender is socially constructed in the movie is shown in several ways. While Benjamin is working on the Tugboat and later in the Navy, it is shown to be a male dominant workplace with not a single female on the boat. While on the other end of the spectrum, in the nursing home it was shown
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Whereas aging is looked upon in the movie as the gradual change of morals and body. Age and Aging are two different ideas, while they are similar in some aspects, they are also different in other aspects. Aging is a passive process that happens as time passes. Age is the milestone that is measured in years.
In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, race is based upon the viewpoints that society had during the early 1900 's. Blacks and minorities were given less paying jobs, similar to Queenie working in the nursing home all of her life. Different races often had separate facilities as well, like the church that Queenie took Benjamin to when he first walked. Class in the movie determined on what job you got, or if you needed a job entirely. In the movie Thomas Button was middle to high class, owning a successful button factory that had been in his family for generations.
The point in the movie when Daisy and Benjamin arrive at approximately the same age sparks a romantic love between the two, during which you can see that Daisy 's love is strong enough to overlook Benjamin 's Condition. At that time Benjamin also has a child with Daisy, one that ultimately drives Benjamin to leave Daisy so that the child would have a father that did not grow younger as she grew older. Looking at this you see that through human instinct takes over and they bond even though they are both rapidly moving apart from each other in
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