Benjamin Cortes Monologue

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Ms. Cortes cooked steak, potatoes and rice for dinner. The boys were already dressed for bed when I arrived. I asked Ms. Cortes, if she had given them a bath and she said yes. When I entered the home the boys were playing with each other. They were climbing on chairs and hitting each other. Immediately Ms. Cortes told me she was not feeling well and had a sore throat. She could not yell. I understood I asked her what will she do when they act up. She said she will lock them between her legs. At first I thought this would be a problem, but I soon realized it we any other way to remove them from the situation. I got to see her in action when, Nicholas and Messiah began to hit each other and fight over their toys. Ms. Cortes ask them to stop, each boy went into a different bed room and slammed the door. Ms. Cortes ask the boys to stop. She noticed, every time Nicholas do something Messiah would manic him. So, she got up, picked up and took him to the couch. She locked him in-between her legs. His was laughing, but when he realized she…show more content…
Cortes write a cleaning schedule out. I have noticed she cleans one room a day. This might not be the ideal situation for most people, but for her it works. She isn’t stressed out about what needs to get done or what was done. For a schedule we used a chart. A cross the top was the days of the week. Under the days was a room that she plans to clean on that day. She had to also keep in mind that the room she cleaned the previous day should still be maintained thought out the week. This will put her in a situation of where she’s doing light cleaning most of the week and a detail cleaning once a week. She has told me on many occasions that she cannot clean up, because the children will mess it back you. I told her to focus on being organized. I also told her to clean at night while the boys are sleeping, so she can see the difference. We hung the schedule on the kitchen wall, since that is where she spends most of her
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