Benjamin Franklin: A Major Asset In American History

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Benjamin Franklin was a major asset in American history as being one of the Founding Fathers, inventor, and to shape America as it is today. Benjamin Franklin was intelligent at an early age even though that math was his weakest subject; he was an extraordinary writer. When Benjamin turned ten, he was removed from school and to work as a candle and soap maker with his father. During this time at his father 's shop, Benjamin developed fascinations about the sea and wished to become a sailor, but was prohibited by his parents. Then at the age of 12, Benjamin signed a contract at his brother 's printing compony for eight years. It comes to no surprises that Benjamin and his brother would fight often, and when Benjamin 's brother went to prison…show more content…
Benjamen Franklin is a vegetarianism and surprisingly an Athiest which at the time was rare due to how big religion was in America. Benjamin had trouble finding a wife because of his occupation was not seen as a respectable job. On September 1, 1730, he finally wedded his old sweetheart, Miss Read. Throughout the Autobiography, Benjamin believes that he does not mind giving people money which he believes did not live a virtuous life. Between the 1730s and 40s, Benjamin becomes more successful than ever. His newspaper is doing very well, and he continues public projects. In 1742, Benjamin Franklin invented one of the most important pieces of technology, the stove, which is still in used in nearly every house in the world…show more content…
Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot County, Maryland; sadly, he does not know the year, because most slaves are not allowed to be informed their age. When growing up Frederick was confused and unhappy when the white children knew their ages, but he was not even able to ask his own. Frederick 's mother died when Frederick was around the age of seven when told of the horrible news Frederick is hardly affected. No one knows who Frederick 's father is; he informs that his father is a white man, many had mad a conclusion that his master was his father. It makes sense because Frederick explains that many slaveholders would often impregnate their female slaves. A sad law guarantees that mixed-race children become slaves like their mothers. At the beginning of the Narrative Frederick regularly describes slavery as a hellish world by involving the abuse that the slaveholders caused to the slaves, especially the whippings to his Aunt Hester. Frederick learns the alphabet and small words when Mrs. Auld begins to teach him, but Hugh immediately puts an end to it by saying education ruins,
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