Benjamin Franklin: A True American Hero

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Benjamin Franklin a True American Hero Christopher Reeve once said “ A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacle” meaning that a hero is someone who does not give up and perseveres no matter how hard things get. They keep trying and keep going to get to their goal. Many people have shown these qualities whether it was a fireman a teacher a greek goddess or even a postman.These qualities make a great hero because they do things many people would find impossible. Most people would give up when it gets hard but it takes someone heroic to get passed these obstacles and to make the impossible, possible. One of these people being benjamin franklin.He showed this characteristic…show more content…
one of the ways benjamin franklin was patriotic is when it states, “ FRanklin knew that women played an extremely important role in forming public opinion and even in political decisions “( Thomas 7.)this shows how franklin was willing to do anything to support america and get the people to favorite america. something else franklin did to show his patriotism was participating in the treaty of paris. it states “franklin was...culminating in the treaty of paris…” showing franklin only wanted peace for america and was the top developer to make it happen. Some might argue that he only did it for himself cross says “ Benjamin Franklin...looked out for his own interest “ which cannot be proven another reason people question his patriotism is because “Franklin did not fight in the war. “ (wattenberg 3 ) but they are completely overlooking everything else he has done to show his patriotism and benjamin has proven them wrong many times by showing them his love for America in many different ways. Benjamin Franklin is a true american hero . Benjamin has shown many characteristics over and over again as to what a hero is and that is why many people look up to him today. He will always be someone many americans admire and love because of his heroic actions towards this county. His name will never fade
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