Benjamin Franklin: An Influential Founding Father

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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. -Benjamin Franklin” ( Benjamin Franklin was not only one of the founding fathers but he also achieved great achievement as an author, politician, scientist, and mathematician. Although Franklin was born into a poor family, that did not stop him from getting to where he is today. Even though Benjamin Franklin had a job and little time to learn, he was able to understand Newton's theories of physics as a teenager; his showcased his brightness and natural intelligence. Benjamin Franklin was an influential founding father because he achieved greatness in math and science, he established many public community buildings, and had a successful printing business. (“Benjamin Franklin” ABC-CLIO). Benjamin Franklin was a mathematical and scientific genius who made many inventions that contributed to the studies of math and science. Even though Benjamin Franklin was a genius, some people thought that there were certain subjects where he did not excel; not as much as he did in science and writing. When talking about schooling, Benjamin Franklin stated, “I acquired fair writing pretty soon, but I failed in the arithmetic, and made no progress in it. -Benjamin Franklin” (“Did Ben Franklin add…show more content…
Even though most did not think of Benjamin Franklin as a mathematician he truly did have a love for numbers. Adding on to Franklin's love for numbers, was his love for science and inventing. Franklin was not only known for science but also establishing many buildings and starting a very lucrative printing business. Benjamin Franklin was an influential founding father that went to great lengths to try and make himself smarter each
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