Benjamin Franklin And Pinkerton Essay

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Benjamin Franklin, Pinkerton, and Stowe they were famous for what they have done and set a goal for themselves. Pinkerton made his own Agency it is called ' 'Pinkerton`s National Detective Agency ' ' they are a group of detectives that solve crimes and too finds some clues for evidence. Benjamin Fraklin was our founding fathers and he had a goal to become an inventor he was the first ever person who discover a lightning bolt and he was the first person who discover electricity. Harriet Elisabeth Beecher was born in Litchfield, Connecticut on June 14, 1811 she had a goal and that goal was to stop slavery and send a message to people that slavery is wrong and they should be free. Benjamin Franklin is a scienctist and a inventor, Pinkerton was an detective, and Stowe was a freedom fighter to stop slavery. Allan Pinkerton was born in a crime-ridden slum of Glasgaw Scotland. When he was 11 his father died and that is really sad and hard living without a father in your life. Pinkerton was really good at solving crimes and looking for…show more content…
Harriet wanted to write a story about slavery and how do they go those this problem. Harriet has talk to some slave and they ask her that is awful and horrible for them to live like this so they told her that they were going to escape from this nightmare that there in. Harriet had pulish her book called "Uncle Tom`s Cabin" her book become the best seller in the United States Harriet died in 1896. Harriet book was the best seller in the US and we are still reading her book. Benjamin Franklin, Pinkerton, and Harriet has done amazing things for themselves. They discover new things. They learn from it and found out more about what they did. And they made history to let everyone know what they learn and study about so that we can know more about them. They died in the 1800`s century but we will never forget them they will always be
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