Benjamin Franklin And Sandra Cisneros Essay

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Benjamin Franklin, the author of The Autobiography and Sandra Cisneros, the author of Straw Into Gold: The Metamorphosis of the Everyday both define success and how they achieved it, in their piece of writing. Though they both may seem to have similar views on success, they infact differ greatly. Franklin believes that in order to reach success, one must alter himself through the use of a method, while Cisneros believes that rather than changing himself, one can use his imagination and the small things in life to be successful. Furthermore, Franklin describes achieving success at the moment he starts working towards the goal, whereas Cisneros describes achieving success once she has completed her goals. Franklin believes that he must change…show more content…
She states, “ . . . I am amazed I could finish my MFA exam (lopsided and crooked, but finished all the same)” (Cisneros 160). The words “lopsided” and “crooked” clearly reveal to us that for Cisneros, success meant completing the task, despite the flaws in it. Her tortillas turned out “lopsided and crooked” just as her essay did, but all that mattered was the fact that she completed the task. Furthermore, she states “I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be than a writer” (Cisneros 164). Through this quote, as readers we can assume that Cisneros’s experiences led her in becoming a successful writer. In conclusion, Benjamin Franklin and Sandra Cisneros both share their experiences of achieving success in different ways. Franklin followed a specific method, for which he had to change himself and work towards his goal, whereas Cisneros did not. Additionally, he described achieving success as in when he started to work towards his goals, whereas Cisneros described achieving success as in when she completed her task or goal. Cisneros let things come her way and she used her imagination to turn her experiences into a pathway which ultimately led her to
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