Benjamin Franklin And The Founding Fathers

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Founding Fathers of any nation are important and beneficial to developing their nation. Each Founding Father plays an important role in the development of the nation such as signing documents and developing their laws. The United States includes seven Founding Fathers and each are important to American society. However, the Founding Father that stands out the most is Benjamin Franklin due to his ubiquitous presence at all key signings of documents to founding the United States of America. When Benjamin Franklin lived as a child he grew in Boston, Massachusetts in the 13 colonies, he was under control of the British and could do nothing about the situation (Honderich 728-30). He felt like a slave to this mother country which fueled his drive to change from his small society of his family. Benjamin Franklin spent his childhood in Boston and lived with his dad, Josiah Franklin, and mother, Abiah Folger, as well as with his 16 brothers and sisters. Josiah Franklin made his living as a conservative soapmaker; Benjamin had an urge to be better than his father in every way possible (Lemay, Benjamin Franklin Vol. 1). Franklin competed with himself to improve his own quality of life for himself and; thus, developed his 13 virtues to beat his personal competition to a good life (Honderich 731-34). As he grew older, he moved to Philadelphia and while he was there, started his career in politics and fought for a national government without the British. It was in his interest to get rid
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