Benjamin Franklin Early Childhood Essay

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Topics of discussion) Birth and Childhood information Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. Benjamin Franklin has 17 siblings Benjamin Franklin is the 10th son of a soap maker. Benjamin Franklin when he was 12 years old started helping his brother james in the printing business because he loves to read. When Benjamin Franklin brother james was thrown to jail because of his views Ben takes over as the head printer and when his brother james returns he was not grateful to ben but actually harassing him. Ben decides to run away to philadelphia in 1723 In 1729, Benjamin Franklin owned the newspaper company, the Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin not only printed the newspaper but often contributed wiring iting under different…show more content…
Although his idea for the albany plan was rejected it, it helped lay the main ideas to the groundwork for the articles of confederation. This became the first constitution of the united states when ratified in 1781 Franklin testified in the British Parliament against the Stamp Act of 1765, which required that all legal documents, newspapers, books, playing cards and other printed materials in the American colonies carry a tax stamp. Ben Franklin as a delegate to america 's governing body when he was part of the five-members committee that helped draft the declaration of independence, in which the colonies declared freedom from british rule. The Congress sent Ben Franklin to France in where he was enlisted to get the help of the French nation to help the colonies in the revolutionary war. In Feb. 1778, the French signed a military alliance with
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