Benjamin Franklin Research Paper

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Scientist, diplomat, and inventor are three elements that describe Benjamin Franklin. Many people know that Benjamin Franklin studied electricity, but he did so much more. As a well known diplomat, Ben Franklin, showed Americans that they should be freed from British rule by fighting for their freedom. He left a lasting legacy as a Revolutionary War hero, a founding father, and a great scientist. The origin of Benjamin Franklin started when he ran away from his family at the age of 17. Franklin’s childhood began when he was a young boy living with his father and siblings in Massachusetts. As a boy Franklin was apprenticed to his father, Josiah Franklin, making candle wicks and soap, and he hated every minute of it (Dash, p. 8). Franklin’s…show more content…
Franklin’s science experiments and inventions helped many people around the world with their everyday needs. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin set off with William Franklin to test his theory that lightning was really electricity with his kite and key (Dash, pgs. 81-83). Franklin’s theory turned out to be true and it helped many scientists learn about the nature of lightning. Franklin designed and created many famous inventions, many of which we still use today. Some of these inventions include, the Franklin stove, bifocals, the glass armonica, the rocking chair, the flex catheter, the lightning rod, and even the American penny. ( Franklin’s inventions were never patented because he wanted all of them to be made cheaply, so every family could buy them (Compton’s, p. 382). The Franklin stove was one of Ben Franklin’s greatest inventions. It stood in the fireplace, casting warmth throughout the house instead of going straight up to the chimney (Compton’s, p. 382) and (Dash, p. 13). The lightning rod was a revolutionary invention created by Franklin. Before the lightning rod was created, building were always in danger of being struck by lightning during a storm. The rod was made of a metal pole connected to a wire that safely conducted the lightning into the ground where it would do no harm (TIME, web.). Not only did Franklin contribute much to the realm of science, but also to the…show more content…
His accomplishments in the field of science truly changed the way people saw the world. Franklin’s kite experiment proved to us that lightning is in fact electricity. He invented the lightning rod soon after which protected homes and buildings from lightning ( Ben wrote a book about his experiments on electricity, that became extremely popular and even formed the basis of modern day electricity theory (Compton’s, p. 382). Not only did Franklin leave a great legacy as a scientist, but he also changed the course of American
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