Benjamin Franklin Influences

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Scientist, diplomat, and inventor are three elements that describe Benjamin Franklin. Many people know that Benjamin Franklin studied electricity, but he did so much more. As a well known diplomat, Ben Franklin, showed Americans that they should be freed from British rule by fighting for their freedom. He left a lasting legacy as a Revolutionary War hero, a founding father, and a great scientist. The origin of Benjamin Franklin started when he ran away from his family at the age of 17. Franklin’s childhood began when he was a young boy living with his father and siblings in Massachusetts. As a boy Franklin was apprenticed to his father, Josiah Franklin, making candle wicks and soap, and he hated every minute of it (Dash, p. 8). Franklin’s childhood dream was to travel at sea, but his father, who had already lost a child at sea, absolutely forbade it and apprenticed Franklin to his older brother, James, as a printer. At the age of seventeen, Franklin ran away from James and escaped to Pennsylvania to work as a printer and publisher. He started Poor Richard’s Almanac and sold thousands of copies every year (Dash, p. 10). “Poor Richard’s Almanac full of Franklin’s witty maxims such as ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’ and ‘He that lies down with dog, shall rise up with fleas.’” ( These amusing quotes were one of the reasons Poor Richard’s Almanac was so popular across America and Europe. Franklin was self-educated as a
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