Benjamin Franklin Research Paper

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The Journey of Benjamin Franklin’s Success

Knowing someone who is in a constant state of progression and in quest of perfection comes by every now and then. Benjamin Franklin was known as one of these people. In his life he has been through different obstacles that could have easily stopped him from becoming one of the most well-known American Citizen to this day. Franklin aimed to achieve perfection even though he knew it was physically impossible. He was in a constant state of improvement throughout his life and always tried his best in what he did.
Many may wonder why Franklin wrote this autobiography and why he wrote sections of -it several years apart. It all goes back for his desire for self-improvement. “If there was any one theme throughout …show more content…

Him and his brother did not always see eye to eye and sometimes did not work together well at all. James did not want his brother to be writing anything for his papers so when he found out that it was Franklin that has been writing these amazing anonymous articles, it made James very upset. “Sometimes these relationships turned sour, though, due to the master’s cruelty, the apprentice’s slothfulness, or both.”(Printing Pg.24). James was soon put to jail for his articles about the clergy. He received a lot of negative views on them so he was punished. After his brothers confinement Franklin decided to take over the business because he felt like it was the right thing to do. James eventually got out of jail but did not appreciate that his younger brother helped take over and run the company. This is the main reason why Franklin left to Philadelphia to find work …show more content…

Yes he believed there was a God but he never spoke of a specific religion. "I believe in one God, Creator of the Universe. That He governs it by His Providence.”(Religion) said Franklin while living his last month’s here on earth. He also created his own group called Junto. In this group that he put together he and the other diverse members focused on general improvement in themselves and the public. It was established in 1727 and met on Friday evenings. Franklin developed a series of questions to discuss during these meetings. These questions in general focused on the public and how they are improving as one. Also if they found anything negative happening going on in their town then they discussed that as well. To this very day there are still modern day junto meetings in

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