Benjamin Franklin: The Founding Father Of America

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Benjamin Franklin is known to many as one of the most prominent founding fathers who was essential in building our new nation. To the average American, Franklin is a strong-hearted patriot who felt passionate about dispatching from the Royal Crown. However, few actually know that before his outward hatred towards Great Britain, Benjamin Franklin was actually a firm loyalist. The fact that Franklin actually worked for the good of Great Britain along with the colonies is one that is often overlooked. It is through writing this biography, The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin, that Wood is able to explain the lesser known details about Franklin, beginning in his youth and continuing into his later life. Through analyzing Wood's biography of an important…show more content…
These achievements allow readers to trust Wood's arguments about Franklin, and make the reading that much more believable. As Wood states in the early pages of this biography, he writes to "penetrate beneath the many images and representations of Franklin that have accumulated over the past 200 years." With Wood's highly respected background and key details implemented throughout the book, readers can agree that Benjamin Franklin, although one of the most important founding fathers of our country, was not all who people thought he was. A great deal of this book is allotted to speaking of the unknown aspects of Benjamin Franklin's life. Wood reveals that Benjamin would venture numerous times back and forth between the colonies and Great Britain. Wood even introduces the fact that Franklin moved to London for 10 years of his life, which could have played a role in his Loyalist views. Benjamin Franklin was, in a way, a different person in the colonies versus when he was in Great Britain, Wood argues. Wood states that Franklin
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