Benjamin Franklin Way To Wealth

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The article being reviewed in this essay is, “Benjamin Franklin, the Inveterate (and Crafty) Public Instructor: Instruction on Two Levels in “The Way to Wealth” by Patrick Sullivan. The article by Sullivan is an in-depth analysis of “The Way to Wealth” by Benjamin Franklin. The overall review of the article was good. It opens the readers’ eyes to some of the reasons this piece was written and the hidden messages in this piece.
The article starts off with a history of Benjamin Franklin and some background on one of his character, Poor Richard. Sullivan then explains how and why Franklin uses Poor Richard. Sullivan mentions how Richard was a well-known character by the time the “Farwell address” was written which became a piece to celebrate Richard.
After giving information about the character in “The Way to Wealth”, Sullivan begins to explain the purpose Benjamin Franklin had for writing this piece. Sullivan begins by addressing the fact that “The Way to Wealth” goes in two contradicting ways throughout the writing. The first being giving the readers/ audience instruction through the proverbial
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Sullivan did an in-depth analysis on many main ideas. He backed most of arguments with plenty of excerpts from “The Way to Wealth”, and included many reliable outside sources. The only negative, as mentioned above, was the fact he did not include the contradicting proverbs in his analysis. If Sullivan had included examples of one of his main points, his analysis would be very helpful. Although he failed to support that main point, the rest of his arguments would be hard to dispute considering the amount of support he was able to gather. This analysis would be very useful to readers who are looking for a more in depth understanding of the piece. Also, this analysis was proved usefully in my American Literature class due to the fact it brought many great ideas for
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