Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, And Thomas Jefferson

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The Enlightenment Writers

Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson were the Enlightenment writers. They strived

for the rights & liberties of the common people through their literary work. Most of their work was of

the ideas and activities that took place throughout the eighteenth century in Western Europe, England,

Each of them had their own unique writing style which was read been cherished by the readers

throughout the centuries. Unlike the early enlightenment writers who focused more on criticism &

politics. Their work was not as not so much as to write for aesthetic purposes. They believe in educating

the people & spreading awareness among the common man related to different aspects of life. An

example of which is Benjamin Franklin 's “The Way to Wealth in which he strives to convey the truth on

issues such as civilian, social, or economic interest of people.

Highlighting the individual work of these Enlighten Writers, first up is Benjamin Franklin. He loved to

read & write from a very young age but he only had two years of school so he wasn’t much literate to

begin with. So he taught himself how to read & write by hard work. After years of dedicated work he

wrote 14 letters to be published in his brother’s newspaper which his brother did, however Benjamin

posted those with a different name. It was later that the world discovered that behind the name of the

widow called Silence Dogood, the real talent was Franklin. His most
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