Benjamin Franklin Virtues

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Sincerity, Order, and Silence A virtue of Benjamin Franklin I would like to incorporate into my daily life is Sincerity. I feel that I am a non-sincere person toward my family, and even some friends. Another virtue of Benjamin Franklin I would like to incorporate into my life would be order. I am an unorganized person, my room is messy, my desk is messy, etc. I think that if I live up to this virtue, I would be more organized. And lastly one more of Benjamin Franklin 's virtues I would like to live up to is Silence. I feel that I tend to talk a lot in un-talkative situations. I can be rude at times even. Sincerity. According to Benjamin Franklin “Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.” (Franklin pg 38). I think that I personally use hurtful deceit when I am angry. I also don’t think justly thoughts about my siblings when I am in trouble, or when they are…show more content…
Silence is important because sound is chaos. I tend to talk and ramble on about random stuff and that tends to annoy people. I think that if I talked less that would be a good goal. “Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.” As Benjamin Franklin says. What that means, is to only speak when it benefits others or yourself. Don’t talk just to fill up the silence. I do tend to do that. If I work on this virtue then I will be a quieter person who listens instead of trying to fill up a room with talking. All of Benjamin Franklin’s virtues are good valuable virtues. The ones that I should work on the most are Sincerity, Order, and Silence. I should work in order because I am unorganized, and I need order in my life. I should work o Sincerity because I am not very sincere to my siblings when I am angry, in trouble, or there is an injustice. And lastly, I should work on Silence. I should work on not trying to always have to have a room being filled with talking and laughter. Instead try to keep quiet and to myself
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