Benjamin Franklin's Early Life

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His early life was that he started schools and had passing grades

until 10 grade then he quit school so that he can work with his dad in his

candle and soap shop. Then instead of school he read books then got very

smart off of that. What benjamin wanted to be was a sailor ever since he

got out of school. His father disapproved that he could be a sailor because

his older brother jasiah never came back from sea. So instead of going to

sea he had to go to his older brother 's printing shop. Until later in his life

instead of staying in his brother 's printing shop he made his own in


His adult life was that he invented and some of the things that he

invented were the lightning rod which will catch lightning and transfer the
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the glass harmonica which was a musical instrument.

and then there is the franklin stove which is a full metal furnace. and the

last the bifocals which is a set of eyeglasses that have 2 distinct differences

of the lense power.

Benjamin franklin was also part of the declaration of independence

Which was like a bet that they would win the war or they would be

executed if they lost.

Benjamin franklin was married to deborah read. And he had 3 children two

of them were his sons and the first one 's name is william franklin and the

second son’s name is francis folger franklin. Benjamin franklin was born

january 17 1706 and he died april
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