Benjamin Franklin's Honor Definition

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TThere are many definitions for the word honor. Honor is respect that is given to someone who is admired. My personal definition of honor is respect for people with good qualities. (merriam-webster) Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17 1707, in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents could only afford for him to have two short years of formal education. However, just because he stopped going to school doesn’t mean his education stopped. Two years after he stopped going to school, he got an apprenticeship at a printing shop, owned by his brother James. When they started printing newspapers Benjamin Franklin would write to it under the name Mrs.Dogood, which would later be known as the Silence Dogood letters.By age 23, he had left his brothers…show more content…
Franklin discovered that an excess of electrical fluid was a positive charge, and a shortage of electrical fluid led to a negative charge. He was also the first to say an electrical charge cannot be created, it can only be collected. In 1751 Franklin published a book called Experiments and Observations on Electricity. This book was widely read in Britain and Europe. ( Benjamin Franklin Bio) Franklin’s most credited scientific work was carried out in 1752. He had a brilliant idea to prove lightning was electricity, this used another one of his observations that static electricity discharges to a sharp pointed object. He did prove that lightning was a form of electricity. He proved that electricity was a force of nature not just something that scientist can play with. In 1753, the Britain Royal Society honored him with the Copley Medal, which at the time was the highest award for scientist to get. (Benjamin Franklin…show more content…
Besides his scientific discoveries he did many things. He was one of five men to draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Then he was an American ambassador in France from 1776-1785. He was Governor of Pennsylvania from 1785-1788. Married to Deborah who died 16 years before him. They had two kids, Sarah and William. He died on April 17, 1790 due to a lung inflammation. Today there is a Benjamin Franklin medal in his honor, it is a very hard award to get. Winners of this medal include Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Marie and Pierre Curie, and Stephen Hawking. (Benjamin Franklin Bio) I believe that Benjamin Franklin was very honorable in every definition possible. He was very honnored in the science field, all the work he did was his. He didn’t patent most of his work because he didn’t do what he did for the money. Honor is many things and he meets my criteria of
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