Benjamin Franklin's Journey To Moral Perfection

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Virtues of a Perfectionist
One of the most influential individuals in American history was Benjamin Franklin. Franklin a renowned author, printer, politician and U.S. Founding Father, made numerous contributions towards the development and writing of the Constitution of the United States as well as the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin strived to improve himself over the course of his life due to the fact, that “Franklin was a conscious and a conscientious perfectionist”(Arriving at Perfection) that desired to embark on the journey to moral perfection and self improvement through a variety of different avenues. Franklin believed that if he applied the guidance of the thirteen virtues he could achieve moral perfection and improve
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Franklin initially started with four resolutions however throughout the process Franklin's developed an additional thirteen virtues to better achieve moral perfection. Throughout the course of Benjamin Franklin's life he felt that he needed to improve and as a result we see the development and implementation of his four resolutions. Franklin aimed to be more frugal thus becoming more financially responsible and better able to repay his debts to others, this later became Franklin's first resolution. To Benjamin Franklin being honest and sincere with your words and following suit with your actions were of the utmost importance so in turn he established this as his second resolution. The third resolution that Benjamin Franklin set for himself was to remain industrious to whatever business project that he began and to avoid abandoning projects for the allure of suddenly becoming rich. Benjamin Franklin established these resolutions to aid him on his journey to moral perfection and this is very clear with Benjamin Franklin's fourth and final resolution which was to never speak ill of another man regardless of the circumstance even in a matter of truth because Franklin felt it would be better to speak good of everyone he…show more content…
Benjamin Franklin was an early pioneer in self improvement and self awareness because he had the courage and humility to look at himself in a different perspective, to find flaws and make an attempt to correct them through his scheme for moral perfection. Franklin succeeded in applying his scheme for moral perfection and this is evident because his achievements, accomplishments as well as reputation as a whole are still being held in high regard among people all over the world, even today. It seems Benjamin Franklin's legacy is still influencing generations of Americans as we continue to learn about his life, inventions, and decisions he made as an early American politician. Benjamin Franklin was a great American who strived to improve himself and the world around him and as a result his life continues to inspire people all around the globe who seek moral
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