Benjamin's Case Study Alcohol Abuse

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Based on the intake, Benjamin’s alcohol abuse has been identified as an ongoing problem in need of treatment. It is mainly manifested in the combination of the loss of his wife, retirement, and poor relationship with his daughter. I believe Benjamin will greatly benefit from attending individual and group therapy to learn to cope with his grief that possibly led him to alcohol abuse. In his case, I would apply the DBT approach as he has difficulty regulating emotions and behavior. The session focuses on teaching him to learn coping skills, including problem-solving and emotional regulation. The goals also include homework assignments to practice them between sessions so that he can demonstrate he practiced them between sessions. Practically, utilizing self-monitoring log help to address the most severe issue first, which is the alcohol abuse that possibly resulted from the loss of his wife. It seemed Benjamin experienced renewed, intense grief, and began drinking to feel better. This DBT approach also effective in the group therapy that focuses taking action and participating in changing one’s thoughts. The focus of treatment is on what is relevant, current and practical…show more content…
Stagnation stage that suggests “adult need to create or nurture things that will outlets them, often having children or creating a positive change that benefits other people”. While Benjamin considered himself proud homeowner and a role model to his boys and neighborhood, appeared that his world collapsed, as he cannot enjoy his retirement since he lost his wife/best friend. According to Erikson’s stage success leads to feelings of usefulness and accomplishment, which Benjamin did accomplished things as a retired teacher. Supposedly, Benjamin should have enjoyed his retirement, however, unexpected circumstances took him to a different direction. As a result, after a harsh realization, he is willing to attend

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