Benny And Noon Character Analysis

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The film, Benny and Joon, displays many examples of how psychology can be found in everyday life. It is about a brother, named Benny, who takes care of his mentally ill sister, Joon, after their parents die in a horrible accident. Benny feels responsible for her and keeps in contact with her at all times, even when he is working in the automobile shop. One evening, when Joon is playing cards with Benny’s friend’s, she loses and Benny and she end up having to take Benny’s friend’s cousin, named Sam, off his hands. Benny is furious but allows Sam to live with them. Although Sam is rather strange and eccentric with an obsession of films, Benny realizes that Sam is capable of taking care of and watching over Joon while he can’t. After spending a lot of time together, Sam and Joon start to fall in love with each other. When Benny find out about the two of them he is angry and kicks…show more content…
Later Sam comes back when Benny is out and he and Joon run away, taking the bus. Joon has a psychotic break on the bus and is taken away by the ambulance and admitted into a group home. Benny overcomes his anger towards Sam and they team up to try and sneak into the group home to see Joon and take her home. There is never a specification of to what mental illness Joon has, but there are many hints here and there that show that she does suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. A good example of this would be when Benny is talking to Sam in the bathroom before the first day that Sam is to stay at home alone with Joon. Benny lets Sam know that Joon is mentally ill and warns him not to respond to Joon if she is talking to herself because she hears voices sometimes. A specific scene where Joon’s schizophrenia is very clear is when she has a psychotic break in the bus when she and Sam are running away. When Benny is
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