Benny Goodman And Swing Music Analysis

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Most Millennials reminisce the old classic rhythmic tunes that their grandparents ' house use to constantly blare on the worn-out radio. These tunes date all the way back from the 1930s, to swing culture and ideals of having “luxurious” parties and to working for an enhanced life. These melodies were critical for the American dreams of many households during the era of the song, “sing, sing, sing” by Benny Goodman. Along with many other swing songs like it, “Sing, sing, sing” came out at the rise of the recession when times appeared to still be grim for Americans and their economy. Something needed to be delivered that would steer the mindset away from the depression. Benny Goodman and swing offered the answer with a theme for Hollywood, basically a soundtrack of entertainment that revolved around swing music. It had an elegance and style that helped people escape from all their misfortunes. And ironically, the Great Depression was the initial starter to swing itself. However, it was the solution to all the pent-up emotions and was well received, with a thrilling impact on people. It was so…show more content…
Radios were present in nearly every household and pushed out Goodman’s song to the people for free. Now with the song in every household, Hollywood’s pristine theme for entertainment was now public. (Gunnell) Pushing Goodman’s popularity tenfold, he received a gig opportunity that changed Swing music’s status indefinitely. (Benny) Carnegie Music hall invited Benny Goodman and his band/orchestra to play their tunes. At the time, the 1938 Jazz Carnegie Concert was considered as,” the single most important jazz or popular music concert in history: jazz 's "coming out" party to the world of "respectable" music.” (Eder) History shows this as a moment when jazz gained validity from the music establishment. Overcoming, the grasp of the Great Depression on other music
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