Benvolio A Peacemaker

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Benvolio is a character in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet that has served as a great friend to Romeo and a peacemaker, my slide captivates his person entirely. He has helped Romeo throughout the story, by providing support and encouragement not only with Rosaline but again with Juliet. When Romeo was grieving over being in love with Rosaline Benvolio was the only one that could get through to Romeo and figure out what was wrong, he simply asked “[t]ell me in sadness, who is that you love?”(1.1.207) and Romeo trusted him enough to answer honestly. Rather than leaving Romeo and acting like it was not of importance he stood by his side and said he would “rather weep”(1.1.189) with him. To symbolize his friendship to Romeo I chose to add a yellow rose, which is said to be the flower of friendship and a panda, which also represents friendship (…show more content…
The first time we see this side of Benvolio is in the first act, when him and some other Montagues encounter the Capulets and a duel commences, he proclaims “I do but keep the peace”(1.1.69) further explaining that he does not condone violence and wants their families to live in peace. Another instance in which Benvolio is portrayed as a peacemaker is in Act 3, because Romeo and Juliet are getting married he proposes that him and Mercutio leave to make sure not to encounter any Capulets saying, “I pray thee, good Mercutio, let’s
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