Benvolio And Mercutio In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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While I was reading the graphic novel “Romeo and Juliet”, there are the looks for all characters, however I imagined appearances of some characters in my mind which are different from the graphic novel has shown. The person who has majority differences between the book shows and what I think is Romeo’s friend—Mercutio. In the graphic novel, he does not have a handsome appearance. His hair is long and blowzy, and there is some beard on the top of his mouth which makes me think that he is an untidy person. However, in my opinion, Mercutio should be a man with a good looking and his corners of the mouth always flash through a smile evilly, which can show that he is cocky and does not afraid anything. Therefore, in my character sketch paper, I draw a person who has no beard and his hair is both clean and tidy, people can recognize him as a nobleman from his look easily. He wears both formal and fashionable clothes, a clothes of knight, a pair of boots and always smiles evilly.…show more content…
In contrast, both Benvolio and Mercutio are Romeo’s friends, but when Romeo gets hurt from Rosaline, they choose two opposite ways to advise Romeo. Benvolio is maturer and more positive than Romeo, he suggests Romeo to find the right woman for him through comparison. He knows the meaning of life, the hurt of lovelorn can be reduced by finding another person. Love maybe important but there are still some things that more important than love, like family. Back to Mercutio, compared with Benvolio’s maturity, typically, Mercutio like a cynical aristocrat, he has nothing to worried about and usually use an ionic way to express his feeling. Here is an example from the novel, after the feast, Romeo hides himself, at that time, Mercutio says lots of ionic words to Romeo, just like: “ Sit there and dream of Rosaline, then!”. Benvolio tries to stop him, but Mercutio is still mocking at
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