Benvolio In Romeo And Juliet

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Act 2, Scene 1

John: Romeo
Edo: Benvolio
Lollo: Mercutio

Romeo: Can I continue, even if my hearth is at this point? [climbing over Juliet 's garden wall]

Benvolio [shouting]: Romeo! Cousin Romeo!

Mercutio: I think he 's in his bed!

Benvolio: Mercutio try to call him, he probably jumped over this wall.

Mercutio: I 'll say the magic words. Romeo! Madman! Lover! Say something and I 'll be satisfied! Just cry! [He puts his hand to his ear waiting for a reply]. Romeo cannot ear me, I 'll have to call him again. I call you in name of Rosaline. Rise and appear to us in a flesh!

Benvolio: If he hears you he will be very angry!

Mercutio: No, I don 't think so! I call on a spirit in the name of his loved one.

Benvolio: Come on, he 's just
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Friar: Dear god! What happened to love now?! Men have to love with their heart too. What about poor Rosaline? But you are weak now. Have you ever heard that when men are weak women cheat?

Romeo: Please, do not scold me. It will only make it worse.

Friar: ....Fine, I shall marry you, but only to stop the conflict between the two families

Act 2, Scene 4

A street. Mercutio and Benvolio are walking along.

Mercitio: where is Romeo I thought he came back last night.

Benvolio: the servent said "not to the fathers house".

Mercutio: why Rosaline will torment him until he has gone mad

Benvolio: tybalt has sent a letter to lord montague 's house.

Mercutio: A challenge!

Benvolio: Romeo will answer the letter.

Mercutio: if you can write a letter you can answer one.

Benvolio: he will take the challenge to show he is not scared of his words.

Mercutio: poor Romeo he has already been killed by love

Benvolio: what is so great about Tybalt

Mercutio: he is one of the best duelers ever by school rules.

Benvolio : Look Romeo is coming.

Mercutio: ( he pretended he knew Romeo was there.) you cheated us last night

Romeo: Hello and i did i cheat you last night

Mercutio: left us in the middle of the dance.

Romeo: forgive me but there
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I thought she was slow but then at twelve three hours and she wasn 't arrived. O god you had finally arrived, what news do you have?

Nurse: Peter, stay at the gate.

Juliet: Why are you so miserable? If you have to tell me something bad just say it in a nice way. Instead if it 's good you are making it look bad with that miserable face.

Nurse: I 'm tired out. Give me a moment. My, how my bones ache! What a trip I 've had!

Juliet: I wish that you and my bones and I had your news. Now nurse please tell me I am so anxious.

Nurse: Jesus! What haste! Can 't you wait a moment? Don 't you see I 'm out of breath?

Juliet: How can you be out of breath if you have the breath to tell that you are out of breath? Now come on the excuses you are using are becoming longer that what you need to say. So is the news good or bad? Just tell me if it 's one or the
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