Benvolio In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Benvolio watch as their friend Mercutio falls to the ground, wounded. They then look back to Tybalt, who is smiling down at the underdog who failed to come out on top. Romeo and Benvolio rush to their friend’s side as he takes his last breaths.
“I’ve been hurt! I am over!” Mercutio says mournfully, with a hint of sarcasm. Romeo and Benvolio let out a small chuckle, as their friend’s personality still shone through, even in his darkest moments. Romeo helps Mercutio to his house, while Benvolio converses with Tybalt outside. “You’ve killed my friend!” Benvolio exclaims. “He wanted this fight. If he had left me alone, he would still be alive now.” Tybalt responds. “I am done being merciful and considerate towards you Capulets,” Benvolio announces as he draws his sword.
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Let me remind you that it did not work out too well for your friend,” Tybalt says. “I do wish to fight you! I wish to fight you in the memory of my dear friend Mercutio, to avenge his death, and to rid Verona of a Capulet in the process,” Benvolio answers. Before Benvolio can utter another word, Tybalt thrusts his sword into the air, narrowly missing Benvolio’s left arm. Benvolio is quick to counterattack, however, and delivers a blow to Tybalt’s right hand, the hand with which he is holding his sword. The sword lands in the dust at Tybalt’s feet. Benvolio sees his chance for vengeance, and he takes it. With one fateful thrust, Tybalt is on the ground. Benvolio stands above his victim, as Romeo comes back from helping Mercutio. “Benvolio! What have you done?” Romeo
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