Benzophenone Lab Report

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1. In part A. organic compounds benzophenone was mixed with water after 60 seconds it was determined the compound was insoluble in water. Similarly, to water it was found that hexane which in non polar was semi soluble. The only soluble solvent was methyl alcohol which was detected after 20 seconds. When determining the solubility of malonic acid in different solvents both water and methyl alcohol were found to be polar when mixed with malonic acid. Hexane however was insoluble. Lastly biphenyl was mixed with water and was found to be insoluble, methyl alcohol was determined to be partially soluble.Hexane on the other hand was the only soluble solvent for biphenyl 2. Part B. of this experiment determined the solubility of different alcohols in hexane or water. Alcohols 1-Octanol, and 1-butanol were both found to be soluble in hexane while methyl alcohol was determined to be insoluble. when water was added to the different alcohols the opposite reaction occurred compared to hexane. 1-Octanol, and 1-butanol were both insoluble while methyl alcohol was the only soluble alcohol. 3.…show more content…
In part C. pairs of compounds were investigated to determine whether the compounds were miscible or immiscible. Diethyl ether and methylene chloride, diethyl ether and ethyl alcohol, water and ethyl alcohol, heptane and methyl chloride, and heptane and diethyl ether were all were found to be miscible each of these paired compounds showed a homogenous mixture with no chunks or particles left over when combined. On the other hand, water and heptane, water and methylene chloride, and water and diethyl ether were all immiscible, when mixed together it was observed that the compounds had two layers rather than one homogenous
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