The Hobbit Movie Vs Book Analysis

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Beorn evilness and kindness The novel that we read was The Hobbit and it was about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who goes on a journey with a wizard named gandalf and thirteen dwarves. The leader of the dwarves is Thorin who 's main goal is to defeat Smaug the dragon and take back their gold and the arkenstone. The author of this novel was J. R. R. Tolkien and the title of the chapter was “Queer Lodgings” also the movie director was Peter Jackson who made many differences in the movie than the book. Peter Jackson had many changes in the movie but two of the differences in the scene with Beorn is that Bilbo and the dwarves introduce themselves differently to Beorn and also that Beorn acts differently in the book than the movie. Without a doubt…show more content…
In the book Beorn is jolly, happy, and mad and some evidence to support that claim is “ Beorn was most jolly for a change; indeed he seemed to be splendidly good humor and set them all laughing with his funny stories” (Tolkien 131) Tolkien 's intent was to show that Beorn has a jolly side of him once you get know know him but that he can be really mean if you don 't know him. The lesson of this is for us to know that we should get to know people before accusing them of being a certain way. In the movie Beorn doesn’t have a jolly side he only shows a mean side since his voice is so serious and he never shows a single laugh in the film, but in the book he jokes around when talking about when he pinned a warg skin to his fence. We can 't argue that in the movie it is more effective at portraying Beorn 's character since he 's more of a mean character of his looks. The movie is better than the book because you can actually see what 's going on in the scenes unlike in the book you have to imagine what 's going on in the book while your reading and some of the information in the book may be confusing to you and you don 't understand it. Also in the movie there are other characters that were never in the book that you can meet. So that 's why the movie to me is better than the
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