Beowulf: A Boastful Man

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Beowulf has comitatus and is a boastful man. He swore allegiance to King Hrothgar that he would kill the monster Grendle (lines 194-198). And so he did with the honor of the king. Beowulf never disrespected the king, always good to him. “Hail, Hrothgar!” (Line 237) said Beowulf, which is another reason why Beowulf has good comitatus. Beowulf also is a boastful man because he loved to talk about his achievements (lines 624-628). He was always fearless in his great battles. “Ive never known fear as a youth I fought in endless battles.” (Line 624). Beowulf was a great man, has comitatus and was boastful but can also be a wise man and travel near and far to get what he wants.
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