Beowulf: A Hero's Journey

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While learning more about myths and where they come from, it is also important to think of why the story was brought to be. Myths come in many difference types and genres, dealing with everything from creation, tricksters, and also myths of death and the underworld. While there are many different types of myths, Beowulf deals with a much popular tale of a hero’s journey. In the poem Beowulf, the story displays many similar relations to other myths based on a hero’s journey through time such as The Hobbit.
Beowulf is the oldest manuscript telling a story of a heroic warrior defeating multiple monsters to protect people and the land. Beowulf is a well known, mighty warrior in his youthful days showing nothing but courage and strength.
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Where a person falls in society also plays a large factor on how they are seen or described in a story. Beowulf is a great and mighty warrior who holds all the traits of a perfect hero. He is the strongest, ablest warrior around who is able to take on any challenge. As Beowulf embarks on his journey, the hero enters a world he has never experienced before (Heorot). This is a common setting for many myths of all genres and usually is filled with supernatural creatures and the constant threat of death. This is also displayed in The Hobbit when Bilbo is brought to journey to a far unknown land. Although Beowulf and The Hobbit have a large time gap in creation, both show great relations and similarities. While experiencing a new surrounding and taking on the challenge of defeating a demon, Beowulf keeps his head clear of negativity. Heroes are to uphold all of the best values and traits one could have. Beowulf is held high in society due to his courageous attempts to help and defeat various monsters. Beowulf is held so highly in society as a warrior that later he becomes a wise and effective ruler. “When the hero arrives in his own land, Higelac treats him as a distinguished guest. He is the hero of the hour. Beowulf subsequently becomes king of his own people, the Geats.” (Hall, Lesslie.

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