Beowulf A Hero's Quest Analysis

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Beowulf follows the differents parts of the hero’s quest or journey. The story shows details such as his call to adventure and the road of trials. Beowulf does not follow every aspect of the hero’s such as all stories. There are parts in the story where Beowulf lines up with the quest and shows similarities. On the contrary is does not always follow in order all the time, there are parts when the story is shuffled around. The three main parts are the departure, initiation, and return. Beowulf follows the hero’s quest to show his journey through certain step not all. The first part of a hero’s journey is the departure in which the hero starts their adventure or quest. Every hero has a call to adventure when they go into action. It some cases the call is refused which is another part. The call says their lives are going to change whether they know it or not. Beowulf decides to accept the call when he prepares a ship to leave his homeland. Beowulf travels to Hrothgar’s kingdom and explains his plans to kill Grendel. Although Beowulf has no refusal of the call during any of his battles with Grendel, his mother, or the dragon. Beowulf is brave and willing to lose his life for the people. Also there is a supernatural aid sometimes who helps the hero throughout the journey leading along a path. Beowulf does not have any prominent aid but he did have help in killing Grendel’s mother with the sword he found. In contrast, he did have aid from Unferth who gave him a

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