Beowulf: A Natural Instinct

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There is a natural instinct to survive, no matter the cost, but Beowulf doesn’t seem to have that instinct. Throughout the epic poem, Beowulf constantly tempts fate just for a better story to tell around the table. Beowulf values glory and riches over his own life. Beowulf shows heroesque characteristics by performing brave deeds, risking his own life for glory, and being glorified for his actions. Beowulf first shows his heroism by performing brave deeds. He travels to the Land of the Danes to battle an evil monster named Grendel. When he gets there he declares to the king, “my hands alone shall fight for me” (Raffel 173-174). He dares to fight Grendel without any weapons, knowing that swords cannot hurt Grendel. When Grendel shows up, Beowulf
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