Beowulf A Real Hero Analysis

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In the novel Beowulf, it gives me a good idea of what a real hero would look like. A real hero is a noble person brave enough that is willing to risk their lives to help others in danger. Also, a selfless, courageous person that only wants the feeling of goodness they did for someone. A person that takes time to listen for cries of help. Those are characteristics of a real hero.

Beowulf is a perfect example of what a real hero is because he does not hesitate to save a person's life even if it risk his life. He knows the reason for why they are in the situation and does not turn back from it whatsoever. An example of how Beowulf shows this is by the way he stood by Breca’s side for seven long nights at sea during the race. The reason why he did not leave his side was because Beowulf did not want Breca to be eaten by the sea monsters. It was
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A group of heros that showed an act of bravery and courage are the firemen and policemen during 9/11 in 2001. The two twin towers were full of smoke and flames, but the firemen job was to get as much people out as possible. They did not know if they were either going to die or live but they did not care because all that mattered was saving as much people as possible. When both of the twin towers fell, many firemen were still in trapped in there and those firemen will always be remembered for the act of their bravery and courage. These group of firemen stood out of the rest because they risked their lives to save people they do not even know, this is a real hero.

It does not matter if you are wearing a cap or not, if you show bravery and courage then you are a real hero. Beowulf and Firemen both are real heros since they both risked their lives to save people they don't know. A real hero will always be remembered for courageous acts or nobility of
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