Beowulf: A True And Epic Hero

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Beowulf is one of the oldest and most well-known epic stories throughout the world. The main character in this story is Beowulf himself. Beowulf is a true and epic hero, who ultimately loses his life while trying to protect the he cared for. Beowulf was a man of great strength, which allowed him to defeat monster and make him the hero that he was. He did not have this strength on his own accord, but was assisted with some divine intervention. When people talked of Beowulf they would say, Young prince show them a might battle grip, hands that moved with thirty men’s strength. (Beowulf, Lines 379-380). He was known throughout the lands for his strength. He would obtain such strength that would allow him to kill sea monster, Grendel (with his bare hands), and Grendel’s mother with assistance from God. This come to light when he battled Grendel, bare…show more content…
He would recount how he would be lost for five days at sea with his sword and shield and would have to kill nine sea monsters. Beowulf would recall having to swing his sword violently and swiftly, even after being dragged down towards the dark depths. When recounting how he survived such hopeless circumstances, Beowulf would say, “Fate saves The living when they drive away death by themselves!” (Beowulf, Lines 572-573) Obviously Beowulf would not have become the great epic hero that he would, if not for help along the way. Beowulf was humble about his strength, wisdom, and victories. However, he would often credit God/Lord himself when talking about how he achieved such feats of strength and how he was able to survive such devastating enemies. Even during the battles himself he often thought of his fate or God in helping overcoming imminent defeat. Without God or fate’s interventions there would be no Beowulf, a great hero, only another dead man by one of these great monster he

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