Beowulf And Achilles Analysis

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Were you ever in a situation where a kid came up to you and asked you
‘Mister/Miss what’s a hero?’ and you ‘d stand there thinking which version of the definition would you tell in order for the child to understand best?. Well, The
Merriam Webster online dictionary defines the term ‘hero’ as “heroic conduct especially as exhibited in fulfilling a high purpose or attaining a noble end” or simply “the qualities of a hero”. Yet, I believe it surpasses that. A hero to a large range of people can vary from being; a fictional character in a book, an animated superhero on TV and a real-life heroic figure. A hero is a person that takes action, be it lending a hand or saving a life. with a compassionate and honest heart without expecting anything in return. According to
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In this compare and contrast essay we will focus on two literature-linked heroes from the Iliad, Achilles and Beowulf. Both are considered as true heroes in the eyes of many, having super natural strength and immense courage when facing evil shows how much of a larger than life heroic-figures they are.

We can kickoff this essay by comparing our two literature linked heroes. both
Beowulf and Achilles possess certain attributes that would condemn them as superhuman, both are somehow lead to their downfall by self-inflicted fatal flaws, which will be mentioned further into our essay. So, the main focal point for each character is their possession of a wide range of enviable masculine powers.
Beowulf is so strong, despite his old age, that his blows break his sword in half.
Achilles, with the exception of his heel, is Semi-immortal. Both heroes have massive physical challenges that they must overcome. Beowulf battles a gruesome marsh-dwelling damned creature named Grendel, while Achilles is on a quest to defeat a number of dangerous warriors who are either Trojans or are allies of the Trojans.
Despite Achilles’s possession of superhuman strength and him being a
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