Beowulf And Achilles Comparison Essay

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You won’t get a medal of honor, or a movie deal, or a political career out of¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ it but you still might save innocent lives===. Hero’s start off in most cases slightly selfish. They then begin to blossom into a selfless person. Beowulf was a prince who sailed across an ocean to help a king. Achilles is a soldier who was thought to be invulnerable and the greatest warrior in the world. Beowulf and achillies are two heroes who started off as selfish but ended up being selfless heroes. Achilles is a Greek hero who feels sorry for himself. He refrains from fighting to spite the king. But when his cousin dies while wearing his armor to bring the army more morale that all changes. Achilles then joins the fight wearing armor forged by the…show more content…
Achilles died similarly to how Beowulf died. Their similarity’s do not detract from their differences. Regardless of their similarities they were not the same heroes, they were different from one another. Achilles was more of a person who fought for vengeance. While simultaneously Beowulf was the type of hero who would fight to keep people alive. These differences are important but I believe that achilleic is the better hero. Because he fought more fights and sacrificed more to gain vengeance for his cousin. Achilles is more heroic because of his heart and dedication. Achilles is more 21st century because he is a moody little brat. He was not willing to help others unless he got something from it. This is a very modern thing as most people today are very selfish and will not do anything unless they get something from it. In conclusion Achilles was the world’s greatest warrior and thought to be immortal. They were alike in the way that they were both hatefully callused people that transitioned to selfless heroes later in their respective stories. They were also different in the way that Beowulf is more long term thinker and Achilles is in the moment. This is a good comparison to the two
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