Beowulf And Achilles: Similarities Of A Modern Hero

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A modern hero is someone who displays courage and what people look up to today. Modern heroes are individuals who have accomplished some great achievements and have been acknowledged around the world. Modern heroes are intellectual and has helped the humankind advance and gain innovative knowledge and wisdom. In today’s society, a hero is not an individual, but more like an ideology. It is more like a set of characteristics that an individual hold that people idolize or look up to. These individuals make an inspiration on what people want to achieve in their lifetime. The heroes that existed hundreds of years before us differ greatly from the set of heroes we have today. Heroes that existed before us fought for different things compare to…show more content…
A courage that manages to slaughter mighty foes and monsters. Both heroes also fight for honor and they put their own honor when in battle. Both individuals don’t fight half-heartedly and they fight with all their might and strength. Achilles overpowered a formidable foe, Hector; in the same way, Beowulf killed Grendel. Achilles was a soldier with honor; in the same way, Beowulf’s attitude toward his comrade shows that he greatly values his honor and their respect. Achilles and Beowulf both slayed a formidable foe, but both of them also have keen differences…show more content…
Beowulf is a superior hero, he is an honorable man and a selfless being who prioritizes his comrade above anything. Beowulf displays traits that are important in the 21st century. Beowulf prioritizes other people before himself. When he killed Grendel, he didn’t do it for the prize but he did it for the respect of his men and the honor. Beowulf is a despicable leader that is able to lead his men to victory like the time they hunted and took down Grendel. Beowulf also displays great courage, for example, when he fought the dragon, he knew it was his last battle, but there was no hint of fear on his face and he fought like a warrior until the bitter end. These traits make someone a hero in today’s society. A hero that is willing to fight for what they believe in and lead people into the correct path. A hero that is willing to give their all and not give up when there is an immense obstacle up ahead. These two heroes might share different stories, but they share the same courage to fight and the honor to give their all. These individuals are both brave and honorable men that shares the same ideology and will fight to the bitter end. Achilles might be selfish, while Beowulf isn’t but they both have the courage of a thousand men. A hero is not a person, but an ideology that is followed by honorable individuals and these traits make them superior above normal ideology. They are selfless and
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