Beowulf And Grendel's Exile

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How does exile as a theme apply to Beowulf and Grendel? Exile applies to Grendel because he is related to Cain from the bible, and in the story of Cain and Abel, Cain kills Abel through jealousy. God punishes Cain by exile, he would have to wonder the land for the rest of his life and we can see how Grendel is alike. Grendel would not pay the price for death since he killed for fun so he was exiled, from humans and from God. Exile to Beowulf is different, he is on a hero's exile meaning he is separating himself from society to complete a quest for honor and fame. Beowulf is always making things harder for himself to be the best, so by going into this “exile” he tries to prove he is the best. How might they be used as a symbol for human nature?…show more content…
Not saying that all people have bloodlust but we do all have temptation. Beowulf’s temptation is different, he has lured himself to be a larger than life hero, he wants the fame like all other heroes in epic poems. Temptation is a desire to do something, probably something wrong. Cain was tempted by jealousy to kill his brother, Grendel was tempted by his bloodlust, and finally Beowulf was tempted by his pride to be the best even though he had to help the King. Temptation is in all people, it is what makes us human. Temptation is not necessarily the evil within us, but it is what makes us struggle in our decisions in

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