Beowulf And Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Analysis

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Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Theme DIfference ¨Beowulf¨ adapted by Seanus Heaney and ¨Sir Gawain and the Green Knight¨ by Pearl Poet, have many similarities and differences. The poems were written in different time periods and these literary works shows the contrast of these eras. One can see how these tale 's themes clash. In ¨Beowulf¨ the obvious theme is loyalty, however in ¨Sir Gawain and the Green Knight¨ the theme is dishonesty. In ¨Beowulf¨ loyalty is present with Beowulf throughout his journey. He makes it evident that his loyalty is with the King and is ready to give his life in the process. ¨I had a fixed purpose when I put to sea. As I sat in the boat with my band of men, I meant to perform the uttermost what your people wanted or perish in the attempt...¨ When Beowulf is preparing to leave Hrothgar, the king shows respect and gratitude to Beowulf for being selfless, ¨...If Hrethel´s son, is slain by a spear, or falls sick and dies… the Geats could find no man better suited to be king, keeper of the warriors and their treasure, than you….Beowulf.¨ Beowulf makes it back to Geats, his uncle, Hygelac rewards beowulf for his devotion, ¨The treasures that Hygelac lavished on me I paid for when I fought… He gave me land and the security the land brings, so he has no call to go looking for some lesser champion.¨ Unfortunately, Hygelac, King of Geats, dies in battle. Hygd, Queen of Geats, is worried that her son, Hendred, is too young to be a successful

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