Beowulf And The Dragon Analysis

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The sleeping dragon was awoken by a slave who stole a beautiful cup because he was trying to repay his debt of freedom. Valor is shown through the fighting that Beowulf and the dragon do. This causes destruction and chaos throughout the whole town. This scene in the book greatly shows the valor of Beowulf. Beowulf fights the dragon so that the people he rules can be safe and he is willing to risk his life. In the end, both the dragon and Beowulf die.
Inevitability of death- When Beowulf and the Dragon both kill each other the cycle of losing a great king begins again. Scyld Scefing died and the kingdom was overtaken with evil. “Such is the feud and enmity, the cruel malice of men, for which I look, in which the Swedish people will come against us, when they learn that our lord is reft of life, who aforetime did guard against those that hated him his treasury and realm, after the fall of mighty men did rule the sea loving Geats, accomplishing the profit of people, yea, and before all did knightly deeds.” This shows that Beowulf was going to end and the fate of his people was inevitable. He had to sacrifice himself to save the lives of his people but coherently his people were still doomed.
Valor- “He then protector of
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