Beowulf And The Hero's Quest Analysis

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Although some might think the epic poem, Beowulf and the animated movie, Aladdin may have nothing in common, these two works actually have many relatable aspects. One of these common characteristics is the type of the plot that both of these works contain, the Hero’s Quest. However, with these similarities come many differences in these respectable works of literature. These similarities and differences include the Hero’s Quest, the type of villain, and the hero portrayed in each plot. Which one fits the Hero’s Quest better? The Hero’s Quest is an archetype that is used commonly throughout works of literature in history. By coincidence, both Beowulf and Aladdin use the Hero’s Quest as their type of plot. Both works of literature follow the Hero’s Quest extremely strictly, resulting in being able to find key points in both of these works that coincide with the Hero’s Quest. For example, the first step of the Hero’s Quest is the call to action. Beowulf’s call to action is hearing about the havoc that Grendel is wreaking upon Hrothgar 's Kingdom in Denmark. This directly correlates to Aladdin’s call to action when he is imprisoned after being caught stealing bread and kidnapping Princess Jasmine, resulting in him and Abu being thrown in jail. While in jail, Aladdin hears a tale from Jafar, disguised as an old man about the Cave of Wonders, leading to the next step of the quest, the decision. The decision is when the hero is tasked with making several decisions about their call

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