Beowulf As A Christian Figure Essay

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Beowulf is an example of an epic poem written in Middle English during the Anglo-Saxon period. Beowulf was speculatively transcribed by two Christian monks who are thought to have added Christian elements into the original pagan tale. The basis of Beowulf is a heroic character goes and extricates a kingdom plagued by an evil creature. The significance of Beowulf is that the tale demonstrates medieval warrior culture from Europe. Beowulf has very apparent Christian influences that are very noticeable with even in the first few pages of the poem. Mentions of Cain, resemblance of the monsters and the devil, and multiple Beowulf’s victories acclaimed to God for his protectance.
Within line 16-17 on the first page there is an evident fusion of the Christian and pagan details of the story stating “ The Lord, in requital, Wielder of Glory, with honor blessed him.” This is the first evident fusion of the two religions combining the pagan’s love for glory with a Christian mindset of God is the supremacy and holds all glory. Further into the poem there are perceptible views portrayed that Cain is ancestral kindred of Grendel, the protagonist’s first antagonist, and all of the monsters depicted in the poem. Cain being referenced from the Bible’s
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Jesus , the son of God, didn’t descend down from heaven to earth he stripped down from God to man to come save humanity using the same tools at the enemies disposal. Beowulf stripped down to match Grendel’s tools to come and free Herot of evil, corruption, and sin just as Jesus being born on Earth to come combat man' personification of evil. Another exemplar of when Beowulf was representative of Jesus is when Beowulf submerged into Grendel's mother cave can be viewed as Jesus going to the place of evil (Earth) to combat evil. Another example of Beowulf being symbolic of Jesus is of Beowulf and Unferth’s dispute; in which Unferth represents Christ’s

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