Beowulf As A Great Hero

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Beowulf is known as a Great Hero. Beowulf travels to go help the some innocent People down in Herot. Beowulf is known as the strongest and bravest but also for his heroic deeds for the people. Beowulf went out his way and put his life in danger for the good of the people. Beowulf Is Also Known For His glory and fame. Grendel snatched up thirty men in smashed thirty men in smashed them while they were in their bed. He took some bodies while running blood was dropping behind him. Grendel tried to come in attack again, but Beowulf stopped him from doing it. Grendel is a evil monster. Grendel Go Out In Kill Innocent People.
Beowulf Is All about Pagan in Christianity. Beowulf was the one that will give his all to help the people of herot.
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