Beowulf As An Archetypal Hero

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Beowulf proves to be an archetypal hero in the book called Beowulf through a tremendous display of bravery, courage, leadership, and pride. The booke say that Beowulf “quickly commanded a boat fitted out, now when help was needed” (lns. 113-116). This is proclaiming that he would go to the famous king after hearing how Grendel had massacred the Danes. Beowulf seems as if he is eagerly waiting for a challenge when he stumble upon the news from Denmark. He does not hesitate but knows right away the he has to help the Danes immediately in their time of distressed. Also, after arriving in denmark and being challenged by someone by the name of Unferth, and that Beowulf put Unferth in his place by saying “No tales of you, Unferth, telling of such

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